Department of Medicine

Department of Medicine

 Internal Medicine Residency Program 

Innovative Curriculum


Resident Journal Club

First-year residents are introduced to evidence-based medicine during their work on the wards and in clinics. Second- and third-year residents participate in Resident Journal Club, a monthly series that formally introduces them to the core concepts of evidence-based medicine. Emphasis is placed on developing a focused and answerable clinical question, reviewing a relevant article from the medical literature, appraising the article, and answering the clinical question in a manner that allows it to be applied to clinical practice. Typically, the resident chooses an article on a topic inspired by an actual patient scenario that he or she has experienced. Residents are taught the relevant statistical methods and appropriate calculations that are necessary for considering the importance of the article. They then summarize the clinical scenario, answerable clinical question, literature search, and critical appraisal in the form of a critically appraised topic (CAT), a 1-page summary of the project. A secondary goal of Resident Journal Club is the compilation of CATs that can be archived and readily accessed by other residents. For three sample CATs generated by our residents, click here.