Department of Medicine

Department of Medicine

 Internal Medicine Residency Program 

Innovative Curriculum


Senior Presentation

The senior presentation is a scholarly project required by each third-year resident. It is a chance for the resident to implement and showcase the evidence-based medicine concepts that he or she has learned in Resident Journal Club and throughout residency. Additionally, it can provide a forum to present work performed within the context of the LEAD program. The main elements and concepts of the project are the same as those used to evaluate an article in Resident Journal Club meetings except that this time the resident applies them to a body of literature on a particular topic. The resident works on this project over the course of 3–6 months with the aid of a faculty mentor of choice. The subject matter for this project may stem from the resident's clinical experiences, research interests, LEAD project, or involvement in a scholarly project that is part of the resident's program track or pathway. The project culminates when the resident gives a formal presentation of findings to the housestaff and faculty as part of the Core Medical Conference Series. Each year, the two best presenters are invited to formally present their topic at Medical Grand Rounds.