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Department of Medicine

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Continuity Clinic

The goal of the continuity clinic is to help residents develop the skill sets involved in providing excellent longitudinal patient care, including differential diagnosis skills, management skills, methods to prioritize management decisions, and methods to coordinate care across time and among subspecialists. In continuity clinic, residents each have a panel of patients for whom they provide care over the 3-year residency period and serve as the patients' primary physician. Each attending physician in the continuity clinic is a general medicine clinician-educator who precepts the same residents throughout their training. This allows for continuity in patient care, mentoring, feedback, and skill development. We recognize that the skills of longitudinal care are as important for residents going into subspecialties as they are for those going into primary care.

All residents enrolled in one of the 3-year programs participate in a continuity clinic at either UPMC Montefiore, Shadyside or the VA, with 1 full day of clinic per week every other month during electives and ambulatory months. Each resident serves as the sole primary care physician for his or her own panel of patients under the supervision of a teaching attending. A well-trained ancillary staff helps the resident manage complex medical problems, make referrals, follow up on laboratory and other studies, and respond to patient phone calls. A housestaff call system is in place for after-hours phone coverage to closely simulate "real world" patient care. Clinics with an emphasis on women's health and geriatrics are available as part of the individual training tracks. A half-hour pre-clinic conference is held each week to review important topics encountered in outpatient medicine.