Department of Medicine

Department of Medicine

 Internal Medicine Residency Program 


Housestaff Events

Life as a resident can be stressful but also a lot of fun! Away from the hospital, residents often get together to unwind, relax, and share some laughs—at a night of karaoke singing, an intramural basketball or soccer game, or an impromptu "liver rounds." The residency program also sponsors events throughout the year.

Orientation Week Events—when interns and residents get to know one another at multiple social venues.

The Housestaff Summer Picnic—a time to catch some sun and play a game of softball against the faculty.

Baseball Games—where you can enjoy a beer and a hot dog...oh, and the Pirates.

The Halloween Party—a chance to dress up and get down, and maybe see an Elvis impersonator. Prizes given for the best costumes.

The Holiday Party—over 300 members of the Department of Medicine get together for a night of dinner, drinks, and dancing. To make sure all can attend, moonlighter coverage is arranged for the housestaff.

Senior Banquet and Intern Awards—a final farewell to the senior class and a tongue-in-cheek look back at the year for interns.