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Stipends and Benefits

Stipend Levels

The current annual stipends for the housestaff are as follows:

Academic Year 2022-2023
PGY 1 $62,150
PGY 2 $64,314
PGY 3 $66,581
PGY 4 $68,890
PGY 5 $71,302
PGY 6 $73,819
PGY 7 $76,378
PGY 8 $79,061



All house officers receive 3 weeks of paid vacation during the year, as well as 5 days of paid holiday vacation during December.


Maternity and Paternity Leave

House officers are eligible for five weeks of paid maternity leave and two weeks of paid paternity leave.  Often, residents choose to schedule 2 weeks of their vacation to start immediately after the maternity or paternity leave which allows them a longer leave while still meeting ABIM requirements for board eligibility upon graduation.  The program is very supportive of residents who elect to take additional leave, up to the full amount of leave allotted by FMLA. Additional leave time will require an extension of your training per ABIM regulations. If you have any questions, we have many parents in our program and are happy to connect you with them to discuss their parental leaves and any other questions about being a parent during residency.


Book Fund

House officers in their second and third years are entitled to a $500 book fund stipend upon completion of appropriate requirements.


White Coats and Scrubs

All house officers receive 2 white coats and 2 pairs of scrubs their intern year and 1 white coat and 1 set of scrubs each year thereafter. We also offer regular dry cleaning service for white coats.


Meal Tickets

Each resident and intern will receive meal tickets when on an internal medicine rotation with overnight shifts.


Free Parking

Parking is provided free of charge at all of the main hospital sites.


Conference Fund

All house officers are eligible for travel expenses and conference fees if their work is accepted for presentation at a recognized medical conference.


Moonlighting Opportunities

Ample moonlighting opportunities within the UPMC system are available to house officers at a PGY 2 level or above. Moonlighting must be approved by the department and conform to Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) work hour regulations regarding no more than 80 hours per week. Moonlighting rates average about $60-65 per hour.


Fitness Facilities

Residents are given free memberships to the University of Pittsburgh Trees Hall, which has a gym, pool, and many other amenities.


Community Discounts

Residents are eligible for discounts on merchandise, services, and recreational activities at many local businesses.


Tax Deferred Annuity Plan

House officers can elect to participate in a supplemental retirement annuity plan.


Insurance and Disability

Health Insurance—UPMC Advantage HMO Health Insurance is provided at no cost to house officers and their eligible dependents. Basic vision coverage is included in the Health Plan.

Dental Insurance—UPMC Dental is provided at no cost to house officers. Dependent selection requires the trainee to pay a monthly contribution.

Short-Term Disability Leave—The hospitals of the University Health Center provide disability leave for up to 12 weeks of complete disability, when application for long-term coverage is made. The house officer must provide proof that he or she is under the care of a physician. Maternity leave is covered under short-term disability leave.

Long-Term Disability Insurance—The University Health Center provides a disability insurance policy following 12 weeks of total disability.

Life Insurance—The University Health Center provides group life insurance that includes accidental death and dismemberment. The amount is equal to the house officer’s annual salary rounded upward to the nearest thousand dollars.

Medical Malpractice Insurance—The hospitals cover the cost of group malpractice liability insurance for Health Center–related activities.

For more information regarding further benefits offered by UPMC Graduate Medical Education, click here.