Fellowships and Beyond

In addition to clinical training, one of the objectives of our residency program at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is to help you achieve your career goals. Residents in our program are exposed to some of the best fellowship programs in the country. Those interested in a subspecialty are paired with mentors in their particular field of interest. Many residents become involved in a research project this way and through the LEAD program, resulting in publications and attendance at national conferences. The strong internal medicine background and the association with world-class subspecialty faculty provide our residents with the ability to compete for the best fellowships in the country, including those at our institution. Some of our graduates move on to competitive fellowship programs in other locales, but many choose to stay, given the nationally recognized reputation of our institution’s subspecialty divisions and their associated fellowships.

For individuals interested in a career in primary care, hospitalist medicine, or academics in general internal medicine, the Division of General Internal Medicine is one of the largest in the country and has copious funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other sources. The University of Pittsburgh Office of Academic Career Development also offers further resources for academic minded residents and fellows. Wherever your interests lie, our program can help you find your niche.

Reflections by Recently Graduated Residents

Oladapo Yeku – Research Pathway Track

Life after Residency: Medical Oncology Fellowship, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Hometown: New York, NY
College: BS, CUNY-Medgar Evers College
Med School: MD, PhD – Stony Brook University School of Medicine


Reflections: I came to residency at UPMC not quite knowing what to expect. What I found was an environment full of people dedicated to internal medicine unlike anything I have ever seen. The culture of teaching, mentoring, evidence-based practice and self-education were crucial to my development as a physician. Besides providing a rigorous education and enough room for growth and personal reflection, all my attending physicians supported me at every turn. Training at UPMC has more than adequately prepared me for fellowship. My colleague’s and mentors are now my extended family, one that I have grown to miss dearly. I am now permanently imbued with an infectious enthusiasm for medicine.

Why Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh is an amazing city! The city has great character and has a warm welcoming vibe. The people are amazing and the cost of living is almost too good to be true. The city has something for every age group and plenty of things to do for every life style (sedentary and active alike).

Siobhan Proksell – Clinical Scientist Track

Life after Residency: Gastroenterology Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh
Hometown: Parkland, FL
College: BS, University of Florida
Med School: MD, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine


Reflections: Training at UPMC exposed me to a variety of patients with complex medical issues while working alongside some of the best physicians in their field. I found the faculty to be approachable and down to earth, and most of all, they love to teach. As residents, we were given autonomy in patient care with the knowledge that support and guidance were there whenever needed. The environment our residency program creates cultivates personal growth, learning, and respect, and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.

Why Pittsburgh: I originally interviewed at UPMC because my Dad grew up in Pittsburgh, but during my interview day, I fell in love with the program, and once I moved here, I fell in love with the city. The people are so friendly, the cost of living is great, and the restaurant scene is exploding (in a phenomenal way). There’s always something to do, whether it involves the great outdoors or catching a new museum exhibit. It’s an ever-expanding city with a small neighborhood feel.

Eloho Ufomata – Women’s Health Track

Life after Residency: General Internal Medicine Women’s Health Fellowship; Clinician Educator Track, University of Pittsburgh
Hometown: Benin City, Nigeria; then Lexington, KY
College: BS, Psychology; BS, Biology, both at the University of Kentucky
Med School: MD, University of Kentucky College of Medicine


Reflections: The most impressive aspect of our clinical training at UPMC is the excellent balance of support and autonomy. Even as an intern, you are encouraged to take ownership of your patients as their physician, which fosters continued passion in medicine during the rigors of residency. The faculty is not only approachable in a professional sense, but I have also received invaluable advice and support from my mentors in developing my career path, while ensuring that my personal aspirations were also nurtured. I have felt like a part of the GIM family and have had immense growth during my time as a resident.

Why Pittsburgh: THE FOOD! (and the people). Pittsburgh is a surprising gem. I came here strictly for the residency program, but have grown to love Pittsburgh. It is an easy city to live in, the cost of living is reasonable, and Pittsburgh has a cultural scene for the sports enthusiast, the fine arts lover, the pop artist purveyor and the outdoorsy type.

Jane Lee – Clinical Scientist Track

Life after Residency: Cardiology Fellowship, University of California, San Francisco
Hometown: Seoul, Korea, then Atlanta, GA
College: BS, Duke University
Med School: MD, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine


Reflections: UPMC provided me with tremendous support and a well-rounded training. Being at such a large tertiary care center has exposed me to complicated and interesting cases, so that I feel confident handling challenging clinical scenarios. The faculty here are incredibly knowledgable and dedicated to education. Most importantly, the residents in this program are intelligent, friendly, and have made these last 3 years a memorable and formative experience for me.

Why Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh is a vibrant city with so many different things to do, yet it’s easy to navigate and comfortable. It has a nice mix of urban life, nature, and neighborhoods with distinct personalities which gives me plenty to explore.

Gautam Mankaney

Life after Residency: Gastroenterology Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic
Hometown: Hong Kong, China
College: BS, Oregon State University
Med School: MD, Ohio State University


Reflections: I love everything that I do – I am one of “those” people. In medical school, I thought I wanted to be an ENT or transplant surgeon, but towards the end, felt internal medicine to be a better fit. In residency, I was hoping to find my perfect niche from the start, but in reality, enjoyed every rotation – ID, ICU, general wards, etc. I knew that I wanted to be a specialist of some sort and eventually chose GI. GI was ideal for a once want-to-be surgeon doing internal medicine. I confirmed my interest from my IBD and transplant hepatology research. Along the way, I did find several mentors in various specialities to help me through my confusion and their support was tremendous.

Why Pittsburgh: As a true west coaster (from Hong Kong and Oregon), people started to ask me, “why the midwest?” in medical school. Simply put, the people are nice and the programs are great. When I interviewed at UPMC, I was impressed by the sheer size of the institution (guaranteeing a diverse medical experience), while at the same time amazed by the closeness of the residents and faculty of the program. I knew that I wanted to be in a place that would shape me into a well-rounded physician but also have fun doing so along the way. Three years later while writing this blurb on my last day of residency, I would do it all again. To be fair, I was not quite sure what to think about Pittsburgh (as a city) when I first moved here, but now know that it is great city. It has beautiful architecture with geography that reminded me of the west coast, and has a developing food and activity scene (climbing, biking, etc.).

Anar Patel – Global Health Track

Life after Residency: Infectious Diseases Fellowship, Emory University
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
College: BA, University of Cincinnati
Med School: MD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine


Reflections: The best thing about residency here is the people and the environment that is committed to helping residents pursue their passion. From the start of my intern year, I was completely surrounded by colleagues and attending physicians who were supportive of my career and personal goals and pushed me to achieve them. My passion for global health and underserved communities was fostered by the Global Health Track and by the opportunity to work at the Birmingham free clinic. I also learned an immense wealth of knowledge from the health policy group within our department. I thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded and motivated by my smart and ambitious colleagues in this program.

Why Pittsburgh: I love that Pittsburgh is a very livable city. Its super affordable and moderate sized. There’s plenty to do in the city—from hiking and kayaking to beer fests and concerts, it has something for everyone. It doesn’t hurt that I also learned a new language here—YINZER!

Catherine Tang – Shadyside Track

Life after Residency: Endocrinology fellowship, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
College: BS and BA, Case Western Reserve University
Med School: MD, Stony Brook University School of Medicine


Reflections: I will always treasure the memories that were created during my three years at UPMC. The faculty here is truly caring and supportive. UPMC offers strong and varied clinical experiences, from the university hospital to community hospital to the VA. I have grown so much as a physician here and I feel confident with my skills post residency. Research opportunities are enormous and easy to facilitate. The housestaff is amazing and I felt that I had a second family. I will definitely miss it here!

Why Pittsburgh: I have always been a Midwest girl and my husband is from Pittsburgh. I love that Pittsburgh is very cultural and has plenty to do. Moreover, Pittsburgh is named the “Most Liveable City” in the US by Forbes Magazine and The Economist!