Transitional: Applying and Interviewing for Tracks

Please note:

The Transitional Year Program does not hold separate interviews for applicants who have not been granted an interview by a UPMC advanced program. Due to the number of advanced training programs at UPMC, our applicant pool is limited primarily to those tracking into UPMC-affiliated residency programs and/or University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine alumni.

Application and Interview Information

Transitional Year program tracks offer you the opportunity to stay at UPMC for the entirety of your residency training.

If you are scheduled to interview with one of UPMC’s advanced programs (diagnostic radiology, ophthalmology, PM&R, radiation oncology, dermatology, anesthesiology), you will NOT need a separate interview with our program.

We work closely with the advanced programs regarding each applicant and will rank you after their interviews have ended.

We will have a very limited number of spots available for applicants not directly matching into the above programs. For the 2022-23 match, we will be offering interviews virtually.

As an example, if you are interested in PM&R at MGH but would like to do your Transitional Year with us at UPMC, you can apply for the Transitional Year Program through ERAS.

Please apply via ERAS. We receive numerous applications and emails during recruitment cycles and may not be able to respond to all of them.

Virtual interviews will be held January 2022 to allow most applicants time to interview with advanced programs. If selected for an interview, we will contact you via email through ERAS.

National Resident Matching Program (NRMP)

There are two ways to match into the Transitional Year Program:



Match into a UPMC advanced program that has positions linked to our Transitional Year Program. There are three programs that have NRMP numbers that directly link to our Transitional Year Program:

  • Transitional/Diagnostic Radiology: 1652999P2*
  • Transitional/Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: 1652999P3*
  • Transitional/Ophthalmology: 1652999P4*

If you are applying to one of these advanced programs, be sure to use the specific NRMP number above, as well as including the general Transitional Year Program NRMP number (1652999P0) on your secondary rank list. For these programs, a separate interview with the Transitional Year Program is not necessary; the interview scores obtained during your interview with the advanced program will be communicated with the Transitional Year Program director prior to rank list submission.



Match directly into the Transitional Year Program. In this case, the general Transitional Year Program NRMP number is 1652999P0. 

For these spots, ERAS applications will be reviewed, and interviews offered based on the strength of applications. Please see interview information above.

Please note: Registering with ERAS does not register applicants with the NRMP nor does registering with the NRMP register applicants to ERAS. View the NRMP Match Schedule here.

Application Requirements

      • US clinical experience required
      • Applicant must have graduated medical school within the past three years
      • USMLE Step 1: Pass on first attempt
      • USMLE Step 2: 230 CK minimum score with one attempt
      • An ECFMG certificate is required for an interview


UPMC Medical Education Transitional Year Residency Program
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