The Transitional Year Experience

TY Well-Being

Why did you choose the UPMC TY Program?

  • I chose the UPMC TY program because I was confident the UPMC TY curriculum had the ability to transform me from a medical student to a practicing physician. The interns I had the opportunity to work with as a Pitt medical student were proof of the impressive transformation that occurs! I think it is important to be well-rounded with a solid foundation in general medical principles in order to be a successful clinician. The UPMC TY year provides amble opportunities for training in different settings, rotations, and teams, all while under the supervision and leadership of experts at UPMC! I am looking forward to the year at UPMC, and the opportunity to continue working with the fantastic physicians, mentors, and leaders that I respect and admire!
  • The strong curriculum and flexibility offered by the 4+4 system, the numerous opportunities for research, and the emphasis on providing both Transitional and Categorical interns an equal foundation in medicine are a few of the reasons I chose UPMC.
  • I was attracted to the diverse options for our first year of training as well as the unique curriculum and support system in place for TY residents. I knew that the UPMC TY program would give me the opportunity to build an excellent foundation in multiple aspects of medicine, care for an incredible patient population, and allow me to build strong relationships with my colleagues.
  • After working with UPMC attendings and residents as a medical student, I knew that completing my internship here would provide me with excellent training from a fantastic group of mentors. I chose the transitional year program based on the advice of recent TY and Prelim interns, and I believe the variety and flexibility offered by the program will best prepare me for my next steps.
  • I was very interested in doing both my TY and advanced training programs at UPMC in order to establish continuity in my learning and to begin developing relationships with my colleagues in all fields of medicine from day one. I was also very confident that doing my PGY-1 year at UPMC would provide a collegial environment in which I could thrive and an overall well-rounded experience to prepare me for the remainder of my training and medical career.
  • The UPMC TY offers a great balance between world class training in medicine/surgery and the flexibility to pursue electives that interest me and will make me a well-rounded physician when I start radiology residency.
  • I was looking to have a strong foundation at a top educational program before entering my advanced residency. I am also interested in academic medicine and wanted to get a head start on establishing research opportunities with the faculty at my future advanced residency program, while also getting to know my coworkers and the UPMC hospital system.
  • First of all there was the excellent UPMC training to consider. We get to see a large number of complicated cases here and that has a lot of educational value. The flexibility of a transitional year is appreciated in preparing for my rehab training and broadening my understanding of general medicine before that begins. I’ve enjoyed a nice home here in Pittsburgh with my wife and am happy to extend that for another year.
  • After speaking with several UPMC TY residents in the program during my ophthalmology interview, I was struck by how pleased they were with the program. I wanted to be able to join the UPMC community as an intern before beginning my advanced training in ophthalmology, and with such a diverse TY curriculum, I know it will prepare me very well for my future career.
  • The UPMC ME TY program stood out for me because it was somewhere I knew I would get a strong base of medicine knowledge for my future career in PM&R. I also wanted to be at an institution where I would be able to have access to a strong PM&R program for research and UPMC absolutely falls into this category