The Transitional Year Experience

Comments from Recent Alumni

“I wanted to do my transitional year and radiology program in the same place. I was really sold on the quality of teaching and the passion of UPMC faculty to teach and mentor residents. This program offers me the flexibility of a transitional year in a world class medical center with opportunities to practice medicine in a diverse and vibrant city.”

“I knew that I wanted to be in Pittsburgh for my transitional year and I wanted a program that exposed me to the most renowned doctors in Pittsburgh. The UPMC Presbyterian TY is perfect because you are located at the Oakland campus where you see the best cases, are taught by the best minds in every field, and learn how the UPMC system works, which is especially important if staying at UPMC for an advanced position residency.”

“This program was on the top of my list. It was the one that seemed the most flexible and offered a lot of elective time. The people in charge seemed enthusiastic and willing to go out of their way to make things work out in terms of scheduling and filling requirements. It was resident and education focused rather than just put in place to provide workers to fill the schedule. It was also the closest program to my family– which was a definite plus as well!”

“I chose UPMC ME TY because I liked the people; I had a sense that the program is very supportive of the residents and Dr. McCausland truly cares about each resident. I was looking for a transitional program with wide clinical exposures and the opportunity to do a month of research, I found that here. I am quite pleased and happy to be at UMPC.”

“Thank you for a great year, I am so glad I came here! I will stay in touch.”

“Quite simply, of all the TY programs, I knew I’d learn the most here.”

“After matching to UPMC for ophthalmology, I wanted to stay in Pittsburgh for all 4 years of residency. I also liked the idea of being able to get to know my colleagues who will be paging me about my future ophthalmology patients!”

Would You Choose the UPMC TY Program again?

“I had a diverse experience which allowed me to challenge myself professionally and personally. I think that was important to me in my training and would definitely do it at UPMC again.”

“Absolutely – had a rewarding, albeit at times difficult, year it has been, I have come so far as a physician since the first few days of intern year. I feel extremely well-prepared to move on to the next stage of my training and I know that the training I got as an intern will be appreciated by those who will be working with me in the future.”

“Absolutely. This program has the best people: faculty and residents. It turns out that it also has exceptional leadership and many other positive qualities I have identified above. I would encourage all of my TY colleagues to strongly consider this program.”